Wonderful Wetpaint Wiki

Ad-Free wikis

 I recently set up a wiki for my students through http://pbwiki.com.  I  planned on introducing it after I worked out the kinks and became more familar with it. However, I may not use it after reading about Wetpaint Wiki (www.wetpaint.com/education) on Hey Jude’s blog. Check it out! 🙂

How can wikis be used in the classroom?

Group projects: Students work together in one place to research, outline, draft, and edit projects within the wiki

Assignments: Post homework, course materials, study guides, and more.

Resource Collections: Organize articles, websites, videos, and other resources for students

Peer Review: Post questions for student brainstorming, or have students post papers for peer feedback

Group FAQ: Students and/or teachers post and respond to questions on a given topic

Parent Involvement: Give parents a chance to be a part of the classroom and stay up to date on classroom news and events

Online Newspaper: Create a student-published online newspaper

Wetpaint Wiki in Plain English

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