Magic Attic Club

I am not familar with the Magic Attic Club but can imagine an elementary school girl asking her mom a lot of questions after she phones the Magic Attic Club.

Libraries in Florida and other states are taking steps to remove a phone number in the back of the books in the Magic Attic Club, a series of some 38 fantasy and adventure titles published in the late 1990s for girls aged 9 to 12. A Tampa, Florida, mother was apparently the first to discover that an 800 number on the back page no longer belonged to the Magic Attic Book Club, but went to a telephone sex line instead, the November 6 Tampa Tribune reported.

Books in the series had a page with a perforated card that urged children to “Join the Magic Attic Club” and provided a phone number to order more books in the series. The number attached to earlier Magic Attic books now goes to a live sex talk line, according to a posting on the American Library Association’s Association for Library Service to Children discussion list; another phone number found in more recent books is out of service.

“There are several authors associated with the Magic Attic Club,” Braulio Colón, spokesman for the Tampa–Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative, told the Tribune. “We’re working tirelessly to find them all. There’s nothing inappropriate with the books. We’re just going to tear out the page that has the phone number for the book club.”

The Magic Attic Club books were published to promote a line of dolls, similar to the American Girls brand, that features five friends who find a key to an attic and discover a wardrobe full of fashions there. The company folded in 2004, a year after entertainer Marie Osmond purchased it, according to the December 13, 2004, issue of Denise Van Patten’s online doll-collecting newsletter.

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