iPods and Podcasting in the Classroom

I spent an enjoyable day at the 2008 Illinois Technology Conference for Educators conference in St. Charles, Illinois. I attended iPods and Podcasting in the Classroom led by Robert Hudson and Matt J. Fuller, both of whom are Apple Distinguished Educators. The hands-on workshop showed us how to record, produce, and publish podcasts. My group and I wrote a script about the disappearance of bees and then had a blast recording it and enhancing it with pictures. There are endless possibilities for the classroom . Hudson and Fuller provided the 7 Ps of Podcasting:

Purpose–What are you passionate about? How does this allow your students to be creative and innovative? What do you want to communicate?

Prepare-What curriculum are you teaching? What state or local standards are you assessing through this project? What technology tools do you need?

Perform–Who writes and/or organizes the podcast? Who performs the podcast? Who directs and otherwise supports the podcast during the performance?

Produce–Who produces and edits the podcast? What additional assets (music, sound effects, etc.) are needed? Who supports the podcast during the production process?

Publish–Where is the podcast published? Who publishes this podcast? Who provides the technology support during the process?

Promote–How does your audience find you? What website(s) lists and/or publicizes your podcast? Is your podcast submitted to the iTunes Music Store?

Present–How is your podcast presented to your local audience? How is your podcast presented to your remote audience? How do you get feedback from your podcast?

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