I read these titles today…


Title: Curious You on Your Way

Author: Illustrated by H.A. Ray

Published: 4/08

Read on:  3/31/08

Notes: Perfect for the graduate

Schu’s rating: Four 🙂 out of four

Publisher’s description:

Curious You: On Your Way! is a perfect sendoff for children of all ages entering a new phase of their lives. Follow along with George in classic scenes from many of his original books as he provides words of congratulations and encouragement to anyone who has accomplished much but still has many things to see, to do, and to dream! The ideal gift book for a graduation, a promotion, or any occasion, Curious You: On Your Way! helps to celebrate all of the milestones of our lives. This inspirational story reminds readers young and old who are moving up or moving on that they have a special someone cheering for them as far as their curiosity can take them!


Title: The Rubber -Legged Ducky

Author: John G. Keller

ISBN: 978-0152052898

Published: 4/08

Read on: 3/31/08

Notes: Perfect for an elementary unit on fitting in and self-esteem.

Schu’s rating: Three 🙂 out of four

Publisher’s Description:

Five is different than all the other ducklings. He doesn’t quack, and he never waddles. Instead, he bounces. And bing-boings! Being different isn’t always easy for Five, but boy oh boy, having an extra spring and s-t-r-e-t-c-h in his step sure comes in handy when an unwelcome (and hungry) visitor comes creeping.
Fur and feathers fly and the underduckling prevails in this hilarious barnyard yarn.    

Title: Rabbit and Squirrel: A Tale of War and Peas

Author: Kara LaReau

ISBN: 978-0152063078

Published: 5/08

Read on: 3/31/08

Notes: The perfect elementary school book to show the importance of friendship and getting along with others.

Schu’s rating: Four 🙂 out of four

Publisher’s description:

Rabbit loves her garden. Squirrel loves his. But then their delicious vegetables begin disappearing. And they have only each other to blame . . . or do they? Well, Rabbit and Squirrel don’t pause to consider any other possibilities. And so, for them, there’s only one option: WAR! From the team that hatched the award-winning Ugly Fish, here is a hilarious cautionary tale about how jumping to conclusions can turn minor misunderstandings into major meltdowns.

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