Grace for President

Title: Grace for President

Author: Text by Kelly S. Dipucchio and pictures by LeUyen Pham

ISBN: 978-0868-3819-3

Reading level: K-4

Schu’s notes: The perfect book for teaching about primary elections, the electoral college, and politcal sexism.

Schu’s rating: Four 🙂 out of Four  

I would recommend and pass along Grace for President, even if Hillary Clinton were not my number one Democratic nominee for President.  Grace reminds me of the star of Molly Lou Melon,–a character who stands up for her beliefs and represents the common person.

When Grace’s teacher shows pictures of all of the presidents, spunky and fun Grace shouts, “Where are all of the girls?” Her teacher explains that America has not had a female commander in chief. After much thinking, Grace decides that she can be an effective president. Grace ends up running against Tom, the “smartest” boy in her grade. Grace and Tom run a full fledged campaign that beautifully parallels Hillary and Barack. In the end, the candidate who is the most prepared and ready from day one is delcared the winner! J J J J J J J J

I plan to give many copies as gifts. Thank you, Kelly DiPuchhio and Leuyen Pham!

Visit the author’s website @ 

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