Stand Tall, Laura Conneely!

I always teach my students to have a voice and to stand up for what they believe in—no matter what it takes. Congratuations to Laura Conneely for  organizing students at her elementary school to stand up to the council chiefs.

YOUNG bookworm has recruited an army of schoolkids to fight council chiefs over a controversial move to close libraries.

Nine-year-old Laura Conneely is upset at the decision to close Elderslie Library, along with others in Gallowhill and Todholm, both in Paisley, and Bargarran in Erskine.

Now she has started a petition in an effort to convince Renfrewshire Council bosses to change their minds – and has already collected around 300 signatures from her fellow pupils at Wallace Primary School in Elderslie.

Laura, a primary five pupil, said: “I really love going to Elderslie Library and it’s so unfair to close it.

“It’s part of the community, just like the pharmacy and the shops.

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