Prom Season is upon us

How would your daughter react if you suggested a duct tape dress? According to the authors of The Duct Tape Books, here are the top ten reasons why you should wear duct tape to the prom!

10. Cheaper than renting a tux or gown.
9. Resistant to punch spills.
8. Prom decorations start falling down? Just peel off part of your outfit and repair ’em on the spot.
7. The gals’ dads LOVE those hard-to-remove duct tape gowns.
6. As you grow, you don’t have to buy a new gown or tux, you just add more duct tape.
5. With duct tape hosiery, there’s no need to shave your legs for weeks after the prom.
4. The sauna-like nature of duct tape apparel allows you to loose up to 20 pounds in one night.
3. Blame your lack of dancing skills on the stiffness of your duct tape tux.
2. Rip your outfit? Get out your roll and patch it!
1. Couples wearing duct tape tend to “stick together”.

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