Gaming in the Library Day

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I hope that everyone had a wonderful 1st Annual Gaming @ your Library Day on 4/18. I cannot wait to be in the library next year and throw a huge celebration for my students. I told my students about a local high school that put together an awesome gaming celebration. They had around 12 televisions with Guitar Hero, Wii Bowling, X-Box 360, and more! The students took advantage of the celebration and I’m sure saw the library in a new light! Thank you ALA and all of the schools that took advantage of this important day!

Myths about gaming:

  • Gaming offers no educational value – In fact it’s nearly impossible to succeed at most board and video games without a broad array of literacy skills.


    • Videogames create a noisy environment– It’s true that kids, adults, and seniors playing videogames can produce more noise than other library activities, but libraries often have special areas for gaming far from those who need/want a quiet space to enjoy other library services or they hold gaming events after the library closes.   


    • Games are for kids– Gaming isn’t just for children and young adults anymore. Recent statistics show that the largest group of online gamers is middle-aged women who play games such as Bejeweled and Bookworm between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m.



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