Exploding Ants!

Exploding Ants!, originally uploaded by Litandmore.

Title: Exploding Ants: amazing facts about how animals adapt

Author: Joanne Settel

Publication date: 1999

Dewey: 591.5 (I am obsessed with Dewey numbers…yikes)

Reading level: 6.3 ( I use it with 3rd graders and it is just fine.)

Schu’s rating: Four J out of four

A dear friend introduced me to this book last year. She found out that my students were interested in exploding ants and ran out to her public library to check it out. My students loved it and talked about it for weeks! It tells about the ways that various animals adapt to survive. For example, worms live in dogs’ noses… some ticks take in so much blood, they swell nearly four times their  normal size…ants explode to defend the colony…birds eat throw-up!  Appetizing,eh? The perfect addition to your library or classroom collection!


2 thoughts on “Exploding Ants!

  1. OK, I am laughing at your obsession with Dewey. Maybe we can name our mascot for our trip Dewey. 🙂 I do love Schu’s rating system – can’t be more appropriate!

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