Title: Woolbur

Author: Leslie Helakoski

Published: 2/2008

Reading level: 2.3

Schu’s rating: Four 🙂 out of four

First of all, I hope Woolbur applies for the open road trip position, as he meets almost all of the requirements. Woolbur reminds me of Molly Lou Melon and Grace Campbell. Woolbur expresses his individuality by fleeing the sharing station, getting “strange” hairdos, riding the spinning wheel, and doing just about anything to drive his parents to  pick  themselves bald with worry.  Whenever Maa and Paa point out Woolbur’s differences, he proudly utters, “I know…Isn’t it great?” Woolbur’s attitude reminds us of the beauty and importance of free-spiritedness. 🙂

One thought on “Woolbur

  1. I have read this book to a 6th & 7th grade writing class, and to my 2nd grade son, and all of us have enjoyed it immensely. A very worthwhile book to add to a classroom library.

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