I hit the Motherload :)

I stumbled upon Kevin Jarret’s blog while looking for something totally unrelated to technology and Web 2.0. He is a K-4 Technology Facilitator in New Jersey. In the past three days, he’s posted the following sites that my students and teachers will love. Thank you, Kevin!

Storyline Online is funded by a Superpages.com grant. Members of the Screen Actors Guild read children’s books aloud. Students can watch the streaming books for free. Each book comes with a guide that includes activities. http://www.storylineonline.net/

Move over Webkinz, Minyanland has landed! 🙂 According to the Minyanland website, MinyanLand is a virtual community designed to engage kids and families in games and interaction that is entertaining and educational.” The focus is financial education and economics so it’s very real-world. There are jobs, banks, investments, businesses, organizations – all waiting for kids to interact with and explore.


2 thoughts on “I hit the Motherload :)

  1. I LOVE the storyline website! I am forwarding it to my reading specialist. I can’t wait to share it with my students tomorrow. Thank you for posting it!

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