The Klutz Wacky Atlas of 50 States

Title: The Klutz Wacky Atlas: Crazy Stuff About the 50 States

Published: 2005

Schu’s rating: 4 🙂 out of 4

The Klutz Wacky Atlas is filled with interesting tidbits about each state. Yesterday, my travel buddy and I sat at Buffalo Wild Wings adding our favorite memories to each state we visited during last year’s road trip, better known as Go East ’07. This year we plan to read aloud  the wacky facts as we drive through each state, and write down our favorite memories and highlights on each state’s page. Here are some wacky facts that Klutz editors dug up and what Donna and I wrote! 🙂


Klutz says: The birthplace of Cracker Jacks and Eskimo Pies.

Schu and Donna say: The best lunch is at North Side Cafe’ in Winterset (home of the Bridges of Madison County)

South Dakota:

Klutz says: The outside walls of the Mitchell Corn Palace are redecorated every year with new ears of corn.

Schu and Donna say: We LOVED everything, including:  McChicken sandwiches near the South Dakota Hall of Fame, visiting with a Wild Bill aficionado, the 1810 Village, and feeding  the “dogs” unsalted peanuts.


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