The Library

Title: The Library

Author: Sarah Stewart and illustrations by her husband David Small

Schu’s rating: FIVE 🙂 out of four 🙂

The Incredible Book Eating Boy started the school year and The Library ended it. This marked at least the dozenth reading of The Library,but it never held as much relevance.  Not only do I identify with Elizabeth Brown, the main character, but next year I move from teacher to librarian.  I hope to show students the power and beauty of the library: the library as place.  (However, I am not comfortable with “Library Director” until MLIS follows my MA.)

 Elizabeth Brown never leaves the house without a book. During college she made library cards and distributed her books to classmates, and often went on midnight raids to collectoverdue books. Elizabeth Brown preferred books to dates. Her collection grew so wide that she couldn’t even open the front door. Elizabeth Brown walked into town and…

 It won the following awards:

IRA Teachers’ Choices, 1995
New York Times Book Review Notable Children’s Books of the Year, 1995
New York Times Outstanding Books of the Year, 1995
Publishers Weekly Best Children’s Books of the Year, 1995


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