Literacy Playground


   My friend Donna and I plan to visit over twenty states and two provinces this summer. We’ll stop off at a library in each state or at least daily.  I just located the perfect Toronto library.

Education Reporter

From the light-up entrance to the silver rocket ship to the wall of spinning blocks, this is so not the library you grew up with.

The Toronto Public Library today opens the first of several planned KidsStops – an indoor literacy playground – located in the S. Walter Stewart branch in East York, which has been closed since September 2006 for a major renovation.

“This is a different direction,” said Ken Setterington, child and youth advocate for the Toronto Public Library, during a sneak peek yesterday of the new space. “What’s really nice is we want people to come to the library not just for books, we want them to come to have fun, to explore and learn.”

Right from the start, it is fun. Kids insert their library cards in a red globe, which sets off a cavalcade of lights overhead.

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