BN Summer Reading with Andrew Clements

I worked at Barnes and Noble Booksellers for nearly three years. Does this surprise you since I constantly endorse Anderson’s Bookshop? Because of my strong feelings toward Anderson’s, it felt strange spending an hour this afternoon browsing BN. (It’s only because a student gave me a gift card.) It felt like going against Anderson’s.  However, I support Anderson’s whenever possible.

Barnes and Noble always hosts a good summer reading program. This summer BN teams up with Andrew Clements and offers participants the chance to win a free autographed copy of an Andrew Clements book.  

See the flyer in above picture? It reads as follows:

“Imagine if you Called it a Frindle”

Bellef in the power of words is at the heart of Andrew Clements’s stories and books, especially the bestselling Frindle.

“Sometimes,” Clements writes, “kids ask how I’ve been able to write so many books. The answer is simple: one word at a time.” Clements’s words have added up to become popular books like No Talking, The Landry News, and Lunch Money–school stories that are funny and wise. Now Andrew Clements wants you to join him in taking reading outside the classroom this summer–and to help you earn a FREE book from Barnes and Noble.

Here are the steps:

1. Read any eight books of your choosing.

2. Use your Summer Reading Journal (get a copy in the store or online @
3. Bring your completed Reading Journal to a Barnes and Noble store between May 29th and Sept. 3nd.
4. BN will give you a coupon for a FREE book! Choose from a list of exceptional paperback titles.


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