Where Will George Turn Up?

AK and I depart on Go East ’08 in about 8 hours. We do not “plan” our road trips, which creates the best memories and fosters spontaneity. I predict we’ll visit 22 states in about two weeks. We have 100 $1 bills stamped with “Track This Bill @ Wheresgeorge.com.”  Look for George to show up in your town!

Paul told his dad about Go East ’08. They, as so many people do these days, started discussing the potential fuel costs for our lengthy journey. Dad’s response was something like: “Oh, no, that trip is priceless.” 🙂 Perfectly said!


4 thoughts on “Where Will George Turn Up?

  1. Have a great trip! How will you know your stamped bills from the hundreds (thousands) of others that are out there? Did you take Flat Stanley along for the ride?

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