On the Road Again…

Our first stop found us in Battle Creek, Michigan—AKA: Kellogsville . It is every cereal lovers’ dream. AK Gal described with great detail the awesome attractions of Cereal City, USA. Come to find out, the amusement park closed “IMMEDIATELY” in 2007. L We made the most of the situation by touring the well-kept grounds of an abandoned attraction. 

We tried out the Humming Hollow that’s supposed to send vibrations throughout one’s entire body.




 We’re very sad that it closed!


The Royal Oak Public Library exceeds our expectations. The outside resembles a traditional library, while the inside provides a warm, contemporary space reminiscent of blockbuster bookstores. Take a look at the awesome furniture and pay particular attention to the comments and questions on the end cap signage                                                    

 Royal Oak Public Library





Following a fight with our GPS guide, Loretta, we FINALLY (after a myriad of right turns and sad houses victim to “Devil’s Night” shenanigans) arrived at Lawndale Market.  It archives and displays Polaroids of all walks of life!

 Just look at the pictures.                  




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