A Day in and Around Boston

We have a knack for turning up at places at strange times.  A case in point was Schu and Akgal arriving in Boston hours before the Celtics were to clench the NBA championship and parking a few blocks from The Garden where the excitement would be occurring.  Of course they were oblivious to it all.  We walked much of the Freedom Trail and created a “culinary trail” along the way.  As we visited historical stops such as Paul Revere’s House or the Old Statehouse we also visited local dining estabishments and enjoyed an appetizer here and an appetizer there.  Mid-afternoon found us at Boston Commons and the Public Gardens where Schu searched endlessly for the Make Way for Ducklings statue while Akgal was excited to finally see the swan boats up close and personal.  We then boarded the “T” and headed to Harvard.  Schu was looking for the house he lived in for a summer and mistaking miscalculated its location taking us on an extended walk of the Harvard area.  This turned out to be a good thing as we needed to walk off the treats we had indulged in as we walked the Freedom Trail.  The evening ended in Harvard Square listening to a local troubadour while enjoying the ambiance.  Akgal and Schu then boarded the “T” and headed toward their car.  We arrived back to find long lines of patrons outside of nearly every bar and every one of them decked out in green.  There were also police strolling EVERYWHERE.  Something was obviously up.  Akgal called her nephew and confirmed that the Celtics were ahead and would surely be NBA champs in an hour or so.  Who knew?  We breathed a sigh of relief as we pulled away before pandemonium erupted. 


Here is Knuffle in front of Paul Revere’s House!   






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