A Day Without a Laptop…argh!

Wednesday was spent exploring Yale, Brooklyn, and Atlantic City and was plagued with technical difficulties (thus one long post as opposed to many smaller posts and fewer pictures).  Yale proved to be beautiful and awe inspiring.  Schu visited a library there and was in heaven.  We searched and searched for signs of Rory Gilmore but came up empty handed.  After leaving New Haven we headed to Brooklyn to visit the laundromat where Knuffle Bunny got started (see previous post).  We sighed as we left the skyline behind knowing that the Broadway matinees would soon be starting and that we were so close.  But, there were other destinations to explore and off we went.  Schu and Akgal were on a quest for Lucy the Elephant and all things Atlantic City.  After an enjoyable visit with Lucy we headed to Atlantic City for a stroll on the boardwalk.  Atlantic City reminded us of our trip to Oklahoma City last year in that we were excited to go but thought a few hours would suffice.  We were wrong and found ourselves spending most of the evening there before heading out.  We found a PF Changs and enjoyed a delicious dinner then headed out to try our luck at a bit of gambling as we strolled down the boardwalk towards the lights that beckoned from the Taj Mahal,  Caesar’s Palace, and Bally’s to name a few.  The casinos were surprisingly empty and Akgal found a Monopoly slot that she was sure was calling her name.  Atlantic City – Monopoly slot machine-it was a combination that was obviously meant to be.   Mr. Monopoly treated here nicely and ended her session with an exciting bonus that allowed her to triple her money.  We then continued our stroll down the boardwalk and visited a few other casinos as well.  We were enjoying our evening so much that we forgot we had only put 2 ½ hours worth of change in the meter.  Fortunately when we returned we were ticketless.  Atlantic City was a definite thumbs up.


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