We Visited with A. Lincoln

Today was a monumental day.  We visited a plethora of monuments throughout our afternoon.  The Abraham Lincoln monument was especially awe inspiring.  During our travels we had read that his hands form an “a” and an “l” in sign language and we were anxious to see it for ourselves.  Akgal thought the “a” looked correct but thought the “l” was a bit sloppy and perhaps a bit of a stretch.  The monument was crowded with tourists and it was difficult to get a clear picture, but Knuffle Bunny did manage to get his photo taken with Honest Abraham (we understand he was not fond of his shorter nickname).  We also continued our streak of getting reprimanded by National Park Service staff.  This time our faux pax was sitting on the stairs too close to the railing.   Oops!  (At least this staff member was a bit more friendly than the one we encountered in Philadelphia).  It is always amazing to look down the mall, past the reflecting pool, towards the Washington Monument, and beyond to the Capitol building.  Today was no less so.  This time there was a new addition though, the World War II memorial.  Despite the arguments that we had heard about it ruining the mall and destroying the plan it appeared as though it were part of the plan all along.  It seemed to fit beautifully.   

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