One word:MAGICAL

We spent another day enjoying the magic of Disney, only this time we enjoyed it while exploring Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  After a late start we arrived at Hollywood Studios and headed straight to the Tower of Terror to get our fast pass and then began enjoying the park in the insane heat.  The highlights of the day were 1) any time spent in an air conditioned space, 2) the Tower of Terror, and 3) the Rock and Roll roller coaster.  Donna had never been to Hollywood Studios before so trusted John and did whatever he recommended.  She doubted the saneness of her decision only when waiting for the Rock and Roll roller coaster to begin and after experiencing the first drop of the Tower of Terror.  When the rides were over, however, she was the one begging to go on them again.  We hated to leave the Disney Magic and to return to reality but Georgia was waiting for us so we reluctantly headed north with happy memories of two magical days.

Who does not belong?

Looking at the dessert menu…

Horrible choice…

If only they were embroidered…

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