American Sign Museum

During the ride from Pigeon Forge to Cincinnati, Donna used the iPhone (gotta love technology) to find interesting Roadside Americana stops that we could make upon arriving in Cincinnati.  We discovered the American Sign Museum but were disappointed when we learned  that they asked for a three day notification to visit.  We drove by regardless hoping to see some signs outside that we could photograph to prove we had been there.  We arrived and the garage door was open and we could see many signs inside.  We poked our heads in to look around as Donna tried to convince Schu to take a picture.  We felt like we were breaking a rule when a door opened, a couple walked out, and we realized that the actual museum was contained behind the doors.  Going on the philosophy that it is better to ask forgiveness than permission we walked in and acted dumb.  The owner told us that he was finisihing a tour but we were welcome to walk around.  We walked around not realizing that we had started at the end and oohed and ahhhd at the pretty lights and fancy signs.  The owner then offered to explain the signs to us and we found ourselves on a tour.  We learned about the history of signage and how to build neon signs to create the illusion of motion.  The whole experenciene was definitely a deLIGHT. Visit to learn more or watch this video featuring our guide:

Here are a few of our pictures…










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