Better Get to Livin’ @ Dollywood

Today we woke up and quickly readied ourselves for Dollywood.  This was due in part to our disgusting (no, seriously vile) hotel that we couldn’t wait to leave and partially due to our desire to get to Dollywood early enough to get a coveted Q2Q pass.  (In hindsight what type of hotel should we expect for $31.25?)  We arrived at Dollywood and rushed to get our pass.  This was our key to the day.  Our Q2Q pass allowed us to reserve a place in line for the most popular rides so we were able to skip the lines and head right to the attraction.  It was quite the nifty little gadget and worth every penny.   Our two favorite rides were the Mystery Mine and the Tennessee Tornado.  The Mystery Mine featured two sections where you went straight up (yes, straight) before being hurled down and around and upside down.  The Tennessee Tornado was equally as exciting and although we tried to act calm and brave the picture says it all.  We had hoped for a few wooden cutouts of Dolly that we could stick our heads behind and get photographed but found none.  We did, however, find a computer that allowed you to impose your head under one of Dolly’s many wigs.  You can look below for a glimpse of what John would look like.  We left around 3:00 to head to Cincinnati.  Dollywood was great and worth a night in the nasty hotel.

Welcome to Dollywood! 🙂

Good times on the Tennessee Tornado!



Dolly’s Wigs of Many Styles…

Thank you, Dolly, for a great day! 🙂

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