People who have made a difference – Marian Wright Edelman

This is me reading about Marian Wright Edelman at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. It is part of a great exhibit titled Americans Who Tell The Truth.

Americans Who Tell the Truth” is a non-partisan series of portraits by Brooksville (Maine) artist Rob Shetterly. His portraits of past and current Americans form a travelling exhibit(s) that is hosted by schools, universities, churches, and various community groups around the country.

The individuals portrayed cover a wide spectrum of historical and contemporary figures, from Abraham Lincoln to Rosa Parks, and Rachel Carson to Emma Goldman. The portraits are intended to remind people of the dignity, courage and importance of some of America’s truth tellers and to create dialogue that will help each of us figure out which truths we value most as citizens in a democracy.

“Americans Who Tell the Truth” currently includes well more than 100 portraits. Images of the persons portrayed may be found at

For the Freedom Center exhibition, the show will be divided into three themes: Women, 60s and New Generation, Expanding our View of Freedom. Prior to the opening, on May 22, Shetterly appeared at the Freedom Center to talk about his portraits.


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