Why do I Blog?


C’est quoi, un blog?, originally uploaded by Stephanie Booth.

Litandmore came about on October 5, 2007 as a way to organize the hordes of information gathered   during library school. It is a place to discuss literature, library science, theatre, and, my favorite, MORE. Thus, Lit and More! I try posting at least one item per day, which is made difficult during heavy project weeks.

Most recently, Litandmore followed Knuffle Bunny, Donna, and I on a 4,524.3 mile road trip that included 2 countries, 2 provinces, 20 states, and 1 district. Friends and family could follow the journey in real time. I wonder if any were jealous!

I plan to start a school blog that includes an online book club component.  Blogs are an easy to learn format that enhances instruction and quickly disseminates information to students and parents!

(Blogged for LIS 724)


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