Practice Run on 6/7/09

Practice Run on 6/7/09, originally uploaded by Litandmore.

Donna and John go on a practice run a few days before heading out. We make sure that everything is situated in the car and Donna puts her main suitcase in the trunk .(John needs to rearrange things so that her stuff is on the correct side.)

Today was the longest practice run. Could this be a predictor of the trip ahead? We went to the following places.

1. A restaurant that will remain unnamed. John is still trying to figure something out.

2. We went to a self-service car wash. Donna got soaked thanks to John. Sorry, Donna!

3. Donna cleaned the inside with car cleaning wipes and John vacuumed the floor and seats.

4. DSW for Schu’s new shoes. 🙂

5. Borders for a few fun items, including Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives: An All-American Road Trip…with Recipes!

6. BP for gas. We are hoping to pay less than $2.91 for the rest of the trip!

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