Did Donna and John do a good job preparing? (Remember, we don’t plan.)


I came across “18 Travel Tips for Planning a Road Trip.” We could have written our own list but let’s see how we measure up.

1. Get the oil changed and your fluids checked before you leave.

*John did this last week and his dad installed new brakes.

2.  Go with someone you love.  Or like.  A lot.

*We like each other; we think.

3.  Take turns driving.

*We take turns driving.

4.  Bring your own music.

*Of course!!! We have a combined total of 68 mix CDs.

5. Bring sunglasses and sunscreen.

*Donna wears sunglasses but John is not a fan. We have an intense sunscreen ritual. Neutrogena with Helioplex is our favorite.

6.  Avoid stupid traffic tickets.

*KNOCK ON WOOD! We have not had the same luck with parking tickets. Ugh!

7.  Bring your own food and drinks.

*Gina started this tradition. Last year  she put together a wonderful care package. Donna recreated it this year.

8. Bring garbage bags

*We do not bring garbage bags but there is rarely any garbage in the car. We are good about staying tidy.

9.  Get gas before you’re on E

*Well, this does not always happen, especially in places like New Hampshire (or was it Vermont) where we drove and drove and drove with no gas stations.

10. Use the bathroom every time you stop.

*John has a tiny bladder.Enough said.

11.  For Pete’s sake, just pull over and let the woman pee.

*It is usually, “Let the man pee.”(Why are there two urinating tips?)

12. Plan time for unexpected stop

*We will always stop. WE do not plan!

13. Sleep.

*We always get 8 hours, regardless of when we go to bed.

14. Avoid rush hour traffic.


15. Bring a map.  A real, actual, paper map that does not talk to you.

*We LOVE GPS but you must bring a map, too. We get a map where an inch equals 2,000 miles…tricks, tricks, tricks.

16. Pack games for the kids.

*Kids are not allowed on this trip but we pack plenty of games.

17. Wear flip flops.

*John is not a fan of flip flops and he does not remember Donna wearing a pair.

18.  Have fun!

Undoubtedly! Our number 18 would say, “NO STRESS!”

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