Roadside America: What a Day (Part one)

Our first stop was to the scenic town of Arcola, Illinois where a plethora of Roadside America adventures awaited.  Our first stop was the One and Only Hippie Memorial.  It was quite unusual in a “cool” and “grooy” way.


Our next stop took us to the 9/11 and World War II Memorial.


Next we visited the Rockome Gardens only to find it closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.  I guess everyplace needs a couple of days a week for maintenance (or so we were told).


We journeyed on a bit farther to the booming town of Ashmore, IL where we feasted our eyes upon the world’s largest Lincoln statue.  We know Abraham was a tall man but this was ridiculous.  We also viewed several wood carvings of Honest Abraham.


Following Ashmore we moseyed to the quaint town of Matoon, IL for a drive by of the first Burger King.  This restaurant was opened by the Hoots family in the 1950s.  It is not a part of the infamous franchise but did win a court case allowing it to retain its name.  This stop was certainly a “hoot”.


Just a wee bit farther down the road was the town of Gays, IL which proudly boasts a two- story outhouse.  We found a rather small, somewhat rundown town with a neatly manicured park in which the two-story outhouse is housed.  Apparently this outhouse once belonged to an apartment building and allowed residents of the upper floor to use the facilities without walking downstairs.  It is a marvel of engineering and was truly ahead of its time.


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