What a Roadside Day: Houston

We woke up to a scorching day in Houston and decided to spend the morning perusing its Roadside America stops.

Our first stop was the Beer Can House.  A man made this out 35,000 beer cans.  It sits in a neighborhood in the process of gentrification.  The owner passed away and the house is now owned by The Orange Show – a group dedicated to preserving folk art.  When the breeze blows it makes the prettiest sound.


Next on our journey was the Giant Presidents’ Heads.  We read that these were created in a warehouse and housed outside of the warehouse.  We expected to see a few presidential heads – not the plethora of heads that greeted us.  We could see into the warehouse where more heads were still being created.

We passed the ArtCar museum and decided to give it a gander.  This is another project of The Orange Show.  Inside were the most insane cars, all of which ran.  The pictures do not do it justice.


We ate at Goode Company Texas BBQ and were thrilled to see the Giant Armadillo we had read about next door.  We could gaze at its beauty as we ate fabulous BBQ.


Our final stop was The Orange Show.  We arrived to find the gates locked but a nice woman came over from her house across the street and unlocked it so we could explore.  We just had to lock it when we left.  Donna will admit at one point wondering if it was a joke and if we were going to locked in.  J  We saw a myriad of objects dedicated to the “perfect food” the orange.  The man who created this fascinating work of art sadly passed away 7 months after it was finished.  It is worth looking up on Roadside America.  There is no way to describe its uniqueness in a few sentences.


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