The Thing About the Thing

In our quest for all things Roadside America ,we stopped in the tiny town (?) of Dragoon, Arizona to see “The Thing.”    Signs greeted us for miles and miles along I-10 heralding “The Thing?  What is it?” so we put on our detective hats and decided to find out.

*The thing about the outside is that it looks nothing more than a Flying J.

*The thing about the inside is that it was your typical interstate souvenir shop / gas station filled with “precious” rocks, bookmarks, postcards, and any other treasure to remember your time in Arizona.

*The thing about The Thing’s entrance is that you must pay $1.00 to see it and don’t forget  NO REFUNDS ALLOWED!

*The  thing about The Thing is that it was several dusty buildings filled with old cars, muskets, and dilapidated things from around the world.

*The thing about The Thing is that you were not sure what The Thing was – even as you followed the enormous yellow footprints guiding you through the exhibit. (Will Bigfoot greet you?)

*The thing about The Thing is that when you went through the last door and found yourself  back in the gift shop you realized that that was The Thing and that maybe it was noTHING at all.

*The thing about The Thing is that it is in the Roadside America book and fulfilled our requirement of seeing all THINGS Roadside America.

*The thing about this post is that it was inspired by The Thing About Georgie by Lisa Graff.

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