Gilmore Girls Sightings on the WB VIP Tour


Our conversations while waiting in the lobby of Warner Brothers for the VIP Tour included sad feelings about The Gilmore Girls run being cut short. We also discussed how wonderful it would be to see Stars Hollow in its prime. A blog informed us that all Gilmore Girl sets were dismantled and gone forever. Therefore, we were quite shocked when Donna yelled, “LOOK that’s Miss Patty’s Studio.”   There was no mistaking that green building where many Stars Hollow town meetings took place or where Miss Patty would unabashedly flirt with whatever boy Rory  had on her arm that day.  Our excitement continued as we looked across the street to discover Luke’s Diner.  The signs on the outside had been changed but it was clearly Luke’s.   We were sure Lorelai’s spirit was with us.  Across the street was the town square, minus the troubadour and the gazebo ,but Mrs. Kim’s antique store could be viewed across the park.  Our frowns quickly turned upside down as we absorbed all of Stars Hollow that we could as Donna continued to mutter “That’s Miss Patty’s, that’s Miss Patty’s…”

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