Where’s our Diet Coke?

The drive was beginning to get a bit long when Donna noticed a sign for a “drive thru tree.”  She yelped with glee as she asked John if they could stop and steered the car toward the exit.  Had John said he did not want to go she knows the car would still have made the detour.  We soon found ourselves at the entrance to the “Drive-Thru Tree” and paid our $5 admission.  We wound down a narrow road as Donna pondered what would happen if another car came from the other direction.  (She was not aware that it was a one way road).  We arrived at the tree and waited behind several cars for our turn to drive through.  As we entered Donna carefully checked John’s mirrors to make sure they would clear it as they laughed at the ridiculousness of the whole thing.  We both wondered how the tree could survive with a huge hole in it but it seemed to be doing just fine.  Donna thought all in all it as a worthwhile $5.oo investment.

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