A trip to Powell’s was one of the conditions John and Donna set when they began planning (or not planning) Go Father West ’09.  Today was the day.   As we walked toward the “City of Books” Donna remembered the hours and hours spent there when she lived in Portland.  She wondered if it had changed like the rest of the city or if it would feel like going home.  John was enamored from the minute he saw the creative bike racks outside.

They entered and Donna noticed some changes but it still had that homey feel.  John entered with baited breath wondering if it would live up to the expectations set by so many who had been there before.  He was curious to find out if it would measure up to Anderson’s standards, especially considering the immense nature of the store.  Would it live up to the “Eat, Read, Sleep” motto that both espouse?

We walked through the aisles absorbing the vast number of books.  Comparing the two stores (or was it necessary to compare them at all?) feels like comparing apples to oranges.   Could such a large bookstore compare to the intimacy of Anderson’s?  John felt like he was in a public library. He kept thinking that the employees were reference librarians.

The conclusion is that both stores are unique.  John holds loyal to Anderson’s and Donna remains an avid fan of Powell’s, although John would shop at Powell’s on a regular basis if he lived in Portland.  Regardless, Powell’s is a wonderful place that should be experienced if you find yourself in Portland.

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