It’s In The Cards

Go East Again ’10 is our 4th annual road trip. Over the years we have established some rituals and traditions to make the trips more memorable. One such tradition is “the cards.”  Before embarking on Go East ’08, we decided to create some trading cards to add to the fun of the trip. The creating of the cards is a sacred pre-trip ritual. Every year we meet at Meson Sabika to brainstorm potential cards. We carefully think what cards will add to the trip and create a list of cards to make. One set is made for John and one for Donna (John is assigned this duty because his creativity makes for hilarious cards). The cards are formally unveiled during lunch on the first day.

Either person can play any card whenever he/she wants. The DETOUR card is a favorite–it allows either person to change the trip in an unexpected way. The DETOUR card is how we ended up in Vermont  instead of Quebec, and how we headed south to San Diego last year. Other cards include: delete that picture NOW, don’t delete that picture, please clean the car, and I’m sleeping – you shower first.

This week we will create our list of cards. We have some ideas in mind but we’ll have to wait to see what new ideas we come up with as well as what standards we decide to keep. No matter what we decide, they will definitely be an integral part of the trip that will lead to good laughs for years to come.

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