It’s Conditional

As much as we avoid planning, we do have some conditions to each trip. The first year these were in the form of a checklist of things to do but have evolved into condition / stipulation cards. Some may involve a location such as “We will stop at the Seattle Public Library” and some may involve a task that must be completed. These stipulations have found us signing guest books as our favorite TV characters (Gilmore Girl characters are a favorite), purchasing a scratch off lottery ticket in each state (unfortunately Utah foiled this), and visiting the Seattle Public Library (by way of Memphis and New Orleans).

We create our list of stipulations as we do most road trip traditions – over a wonderful dinner at Meson Sabika. They are made into colorful pictures, added to our road trip binders, and shared during lunch on our first day.

No matter what stipulations we choose this year, we will surely include the guiding wisdom of our former professor Nancy who taught us that “Life and death are problems, everything else is an inconvenience.” (And for those of you wondering – yes, all the graves on this stipulation are graves we have personally visited on our trips.)

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