Roadside America Memories, Part One

Thank you for adding “kitsch” to our road trips. We check the site throughout the day and often go hundreds of miles out of the way to see the LARGEST THIS or the SMALLEST THAT. Crazy? Sure. Worth it? Definitely.


One sentence: Don’t buy the tomatoes or Diet Coke.

Link: Lawndale Market

One sentence: Don’t give up when searching for Roadside America attractions.

Link: Giant Boxing Arm of Joe Louis

One sentence: Make sure you enter the correct address in the GPS.

Link: The Little House

One sentence: Sometimes you drive by Roadside America attractions and don’t even know it–it helps when it is bright and sunny.

Link: Paul Bunyan Statue and Birthplace

One sentence: Don’t drive by Stephen’s house when it is pitch black outside.

Link: Stephen King’s House

One sentence: I wonder what it looks like inside?

Link: Eartha

One sentence: Lucy’s employees have TONS of energy.

Link: Lucy the Elephant

One sentence: Watch out for witches!

Link: Bewitched TV Land Statue

One sentence: Welcome to a Neon Oasis!

Link: South of the Border

One sentence: CLOSED!

Link: Fountain of Youth

One sentence: Point, Click, and Keep Driving.

Link: Hillbilly Golf

One sentence: A shrine to the Colonel and his secret recipe.

Link: Sanders Cafe in Corbin, Kentucky (Birthplace of KFC)

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