Roadside America, Part Two

Link to Part One

One sentence: Arcola, IL has it all: The Raggedy Ann and Andy Museum (we think it has since closed), Rockome Gardens, and the one and only Hippie Memorial.

Link: One and Only Hippie Memorial

One sentence: Your travel companion doesn’t always know best; listen to your instincts (or the GPS), it will often prevent you from getting lost.

Link: World’s Largest Lincoln Statue

One sentence: Population: 259  Attraction(s): ONE

Link: Two-Story Outhouse

One sentence: Be on the lookout for Muffler Men!

Link: Big John Grocery Clerk

One sentence: A super stop in a booming metropolis. 🙂

Link: Superman Statue

One sentence: Don’t wear the headsets!

Link: Graceland

One sentence: Did you know a house made out of beer cans sounds like a million wind chimes?

Link: Beer Can House, Houston

One sentence: Please don’t miss this LARGER THAN LIFE attraction!

Link: Giant President Heads

One sentence: The best museums effectively manage summer camp groups.

Link: Art Car Museum

One sentence: Sometimes you can visit Roadside America attractions after hours.

Link: The Orange Show

One sentence: Remember the Alamo but visit these boots.

Link: World’s Largest Cowboy Boots

One sentence: Stop at the Wal-Mart Supercenter for a box of aluminium foil.

Link: Roswell, NM

One sentence: 247 billboards entice travelers to see “The Mystery of the Desert.” One sentence: Save your $0.75 and keep driving!

Link: The Thing?

One sentence: “Everybody comes here; this is Hollywood, land of dreams.” -Pretty Woman

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