Roadside America – Part 3

Link:  Bridges of Madison County Sites

One sentence: Stop at the Roseman Covered Bridge Shop and ask about the ghost of the bridge.

Link:  The Corn Palace

One sentence: Don’t try to buy a ticket – it’s free.

Link:  1880’s Town

One sentence: Pull off, fill up, and keep on driving.

Link: The Ranch Store

One sentence:  One bag is enough.

Link:  Wall Drug

One sentence: Worth the stop – even if you don’t want a drink of water.

Link: Royal Gorge Bridge

One sentence:  Don’t look down between the slats on the bridge.

Link:  Big Texan Steak Ranch

One sentence:  Look carefully at the pictures in the bar.

Link: Cadillac Ranch

One sentence: BYOSP -Bring your own spray paint.

Link: Roger Miller Museum

One sentence:   Watch the video, enjoy the air conditioning, and have a soda.

Link: Precious Moments Inspirational Park

One sentence:  Bring your checkbook.

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