Lessons We’ve Learned

Our first road trip was fairly simple. Since then we’ve learned so much about creating the perfect trip. These are some important lessons we have learned.

1)  Spontaneity is key.

2)  The cheesier the better. T-shirts emblazoned with our pictures help this area.

3)  Priceline and a laptop make for much more comfortable (and clean) accommodations.

4)  If a hotel room is only $35, there’s a reason.

5)  Sometimes 20 minutes of silence is necessary.

6)  10 “mix tapes” are NOT enough to get us through a trip, even if we do have XM radio.

7)  Hay rolls are sharp and if you climb on them you will get splinters in your hands.

8)   Roadside America attractions = cheap and fun entertainment

9)  Buy wrinkle release spray before you leave. You will not be able to find it on the road.

10)  Document everything, you will get great enjoyment reading it later.

11)  Maps with smaller scales make for better trips because everything looks close together.

12)  A GPS is an essential tool.

13)  Planning is better when done at Meson Sabika.

14)  Establish quirky traditions.

15)  Life and death are problems, everything else is an inconvenience. (Thank you Nancy for this advice. We still listen to it.)

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