GEA Practice Run

Every year we go on a practice run a few days before we hit the OPEN ROAD. This year’s run was quite different because we went on TWO practice runs. We had a loaner car because John’s car was getting its yearly road trip maintenance. We must take good care of it. (And no, John does not name his car; he’s not big on naming inanimate objects. However, the GPS will eventually receive a name. Last year’s GPS, Eric, was stolen, as was Loretta, the Go West “navigatress”. Please don’t steal this one. Sheesh!

Practice run A:

John picked Donna up in this car:

We ate lunch at:

Note: there aren’t any photographs of us eating lunch because John was having a nervous breakdown. He estimated the routine car maintenance would cost approximately $65.00.  Toyota of Naperville called to inform him that it would be around $400. 00. Nice! Who wants to pay that right before a road trip. Oh well, safety first. Right? Right.

Next stop:

Every road “tripper” needs to stay healthy.  There’s no time for sickness. We bought a box of Emergen-C.

Practice Run B (later that day):

John said he’d take care of the traditional day before preparations on his own but Donna decided to join in on the fun.

Be sure to check in on our adventures! The fun starts tomorrow.

-Donna and John

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