Christmas in June

A Christmas Story House

Originally uploaded by Litandmore

We finished a delightful lunch at Lucky’s (thanks for the suggestion Guy Fieri) and headed to the house that was featured in A Christmas Story. We purchased tickets and prepared for the tour of a lifetime. We learned that the house was purchased on E-Bay by a gentleman searching for his purpose in life (cue “I Want to Go Back to College”) after his lifelong dream of being a Navy fighter pilot was dashed when he failed the vision test. The poor thing was further surprised to learn that all the shots inside the house were actually filmed on a sound stage. He met with some remodeling geniuses and had the inside remodeled to match the scenes in the movie. After learning the background of the house and  movie, the tour moved inside. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that our tour guide was none other than Randy himself. This was too good to be true! Randy discussed filming and explained a bit more about the house. It turned out he was temporarily living in an upstairs bedroom and giving tours. We frequently exchanged glances that said “OMG! Wait until we are out of here and can DISCUSS!!!!” We finished the tour and went, of course, to the gift shop that prominently displayed a myriad of must have trinkets related to the story. (Some of you should be quivering with anticipation–wondering just what we selected for you.) We heartily agreed that this made our stop in Cleveland worth it.

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