Roadside America – Day 3

On day 3 our quest for all things quirky continued. Once again we were not disappointed.

As we sat blogging in Starbucks we did not realize the 24 Second Shot Clock was right out the window. After a lovely lunch we walked (about 500 ft) in search of it. This was a bonus as we also found a cache here. It was nice to finally cache in! 🙂

On our way out of town we stopped to see the Victorian House atop a Factory.

On our way to Springfield our car veered off the highway toward Oneida, NY to pay our respects at the World’s Smallest Church. We would have gone inside to visit except for two small problems – 1) we needed a boat and 2) it only fits 2 people and we had Scaredy with us so that was 3.

We couldn’t drive past Albany without stopping. As we pulled off the highway in search of the capitol building (we love to visit each state’s capitol building) we found our friend Nipper, the RCA Dog sitting atop a heritage museum.

It’s time to sign off. There are too many Roadside America attractions to see today.  See you soon! xoxo–Donna and John

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