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Today we visited Colonial Williamsburg. One word sums it up – HOT!!!! We arrived shortly before closing and were pleased to realize we only needed to purchase a $2 shuttle ticket and could walk around the grounds at our leisure. We took the shuttle to Williamsburg and quickly decided we would be walking back to the visitor’s center. We walked around muttering about how hot it was and thankful that when we left we would return to air conditioning. There was a reenactment occurring so we watched the participants partake in “life” during colonial times. We both agreed that the soldiers in the kilts were luckier than those in long pants. We walked around perusing the grounds and getting more delirious by the minute as witnessed by the video below.


Originally uploaded by Litandmore

Williamsburg was a hit and we are grateful we went. As we left, however, we were more than happy to leave colonial life behind and retreat to our air conditioned car.

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