Road Trip Q & A

John and Donna are composing this post together. They will go back and forth asking each other questions about GEA ’10. You will not know who is asking whom.

1. Which city did you enjoy the most? Gosh, this is a hard one as I have enjoyed every city. I think NYC because I always love NYC. If you don’t count that it would probably be Asheville.

2. What advice would you give to someone considering taking a road trip? Don’t take it too seriously. Just have fun. Don’t plan! 🙂

3. What was your least favorite stop? Hmm. Another difficult one as I really don’t think I have had any least favorite stops. I guess perhaps Syracuse after discovering the charger was still in Cleveland.

4. What has been your favorite Roadside America attraction this year? Roadside America ruled Go East Again ’10. It is difficult to select a favorite spot but I’ll go with the windmill in Indiana. We couldn’t stop laughing.

5. Why do you like road trips? Roadtrips are a great way to get away and just enjoy yourself and discover new things. Nothing is expected, nothing is planned, what happens happens, and it is all good in the end.

6. What has been your favorite unexpected moment this trip?  When a detour was played and it didn’t pan out. Sorry!

7. What did you most enjoy in Amherst, MA? I loved visiting UMASS. There are many funny memories from there.

8. What is your favorite roadtrip tradition? Blogging and uploading photos to Flickr.

9.What do you like about Love, Ruby Lavender by Deborah Wiles? I love the author’s voice. The things that come out of Ruby’s mouth are hilarious.

10. What was your favorite part of Williamsburg? Watching Glee and drinking grape juice.

11. What is Randy doing right now? I think he is upstairs in the extra apartment putting the finishing touches on his Ralphie puppet.

12. If you had to change one thing what would it be and why? Is this an ISAT extended response question? What I did?  Why I did it? I would spend two days in Asheville, NC. It is deserving.

13. Do you like the GEA ’10 theme song? Why or why not? I love it because it is catchy and fun to sing. It also has a good message.

14. What have you learned during GEA ’10? Visit as many Roadside America venues as possible–many of them are free and MOST of them are fun.

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