Plains, Georgia

Plains, Georgia

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Today John and Donna headed to the home of our 39th president. To be honest, a huge motivator was the chance to photograph the Jimmy Carter Peanut that is featured in their Roadside America book. Donna is also a huge Jimmy Carter fan so it would have been difficult to keep her away.

Their first stop was the restored Plains High School. They were greeted by a friendly National Park Service ranger who explained the site. As they walked around they saw the classroom of Jimmy’s beloved 7th grade teacher, Miss Julia. They also learned about Jimmy and Rosalynn’s humanitarian work throughout the world.

After visiting his high school it was time to visit downtown Plains where Carter’s presence was felt throughout. The train depot, Jimmy’s former campaign headquarters, was open to browse and was full of political memorabilia. The porch felt like Cracker Barrel with chairs on which to rock and a swing. Donna had to tell John that he could not order a J9O (his Cracker Barrel favorite) here.

Their next stop was Carter’s Boyhood Farm. The house was open to walk through (those Georgians are very trusting). They couldn’t help but think about the drastic change it must have been to live in the White House as compared to this simple abode. They found a feline friend who accompanied them as they explored.

As they headed out-of-town (OK, not exactly out-of-town, but to Billy Carter’s Service Station) they passed the Carter Compound where Jimmy and Rosalynn still live. The Secret Service building did a good job of hiding the house from the street but it was pretty amazing to realize that they live just off the street, down the street from town.

Plains was a key stop on GEA ’10. Neither John or Donna expected so much to see in this small town or to be welcomed as openly as they were. If you find yourself in Georgia head on down to Plains for some Southern Hospitality and to learn about our 39th president. You won’t regret it.

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