One of the greatest things about our road trips is our lack of planning. We have a general idea of where we are headed, but how we get there is anyone’s guess. The past three years have become even more interesting as Donna has decided it is more fun not to know much about the specifics until we leave.

Two years ago we knew that, at some point, we wanted to end up in Seattle. Donna suspected we would begin the trip by heading west one way or another. She thought she figured out we were starting by heading to Branson and was shocked when, about 30 minutes after leaving, John asked her how she felt about BBQ in Memphis that night and jambalaya in New Orleans the next. There is no question that it was the best possible route to Seattle and the surprise of it made it all the more so.

This year we know that we need to visit Nebraska and Nevada. This is our 5th year and the only states we have not visited together are Nebraska, Nevada, Hawaii, and Alaska. Recently John began exploring some possible routes. Donna has no idea what he has in mind but is sure it will be full of many exciting and interesting places. Stay tuned. In 45 days not only will John and Donna know, but you will as well.

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