It Gets Better Each Year

Four years ago we became enthralled with Roadside America type attractions. Giant depictions of  Paul Bunyan, bizarre statues, muffler men – we couldn’t get enough. We purchased the book Roadside Americana and perused the myriad of places we could visit. We took the book with us as we headed east. Between this book and the Roadside America website we were able to see Lucy the Elephant , a giant statue of Paul Bunyan, unique cemeteries, and many other intriguing sites. The book and website served us well until we discovered the Roadside America iPhone application.

Suddenly we had an unbelievable number attractions available at our fingertips. We were able to find attractions near our current location in a matter of seconds. This application helped us find a wind driven water tower, unusual buildings, and interesting works of art. No matter where we were, it was easy to find something unusual to see. This year Roadside America has the potential to get even easier with their new Attractions and Oddities feature for our GPS.

This new tool promises to put 6000+ attractions on our GPS and to give us detailed driving directions. Could this be our next addition to our road trip? Stay tuned to find out.

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