Adventure Out West ’11: An Interview with Donna

Why do you look forward to our yearly road trip?

I love the spontaneity and the fun. I love waking up each day knowing I will explore something new, but never being quite sure what lies ahead.

 What advice can you offer to someone planning a road trip?

Do not over plan. You should enter the trip with an open mind, be willing to just have fun, and allow for surprises and unplanned moments.

 I laugh whenever I think about ________________________________. 

I still laugh when I think of our late night rest stop in Texas. It was already a little spooky since nobody else was around but when a raccoon popped out of the garbage can and scared John it became a hilarious memory that still makes me laugh.

What’s your favorite road trip ritual?

I love the cards we play – especially the “detour” card.

What are your expectations for Adventure Out West ’11?

I expect to have a great time, see some wonderful sights, and visit some unexpected places.

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