AOW ’11 Checklist

*Computer (for blogging and videos)

*Camera and charger

*SD card

*Bag for cords

*Snore pillow (Thank goodness 😉 )

*Wrinkle release (Donna fights my wrinkles.)

*Quality pens

*Passport (hmmm…)

*AAA card (We love discounts.)

*Bug wipes

*Hand sanitizer (We sanitize whenever we enter the car.)


*Jacket (Donna always needs a light wrap.)

*Stipulation cards

*Towels and swimsuit (For midnight swims)

*Custom made postcards (Doesn’t everyone bring these on vacation?)

*Air freshener

*Black box (Every road trip needs one.)

*HD Flip (We need this to create bizarre videos.)


*Canadian insurance card

*Atlas (We always buy one with a misleading scale.)

*Audio books (Of course!)






*Swim trunks

*First aid kit (Donna, remember Houston, Texas?)

*Bumper sticker

*Owly and Frankie Pickle (W00t!)

*Custom made stamps (Yes. I know!)


*Trading cards

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