Road Trip Packing

We head west on Tuesday morning and are almost packed. Tomorrow will find us loading our suitcases in the car so that we can depart promptly at 5:30 AM. Packing for our trip can be a little tricky, partly because we don’t really know where we are going and also because we do not know exactly how long we will be gone.Will we need cool clothes to combat high temperatures? Do we need sweatshirts and jeans to stay warm in the mountains? (Our first trip found us at the top of Independence Pass, in the snow, wearing shorts.) Just how many shirts should we bring? Donna combats this challenge by packing as much as will fit in her suitcase. John is a bit more conservative in this regard. One thing remains the same year after year – as we pack the trunk and back seat full of necessities we will breathe a sigh of relief that John decided against buying a Smart Car.

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